Spring Carnival is nearly here and if you’re hitting the track or attending a race day event, you need a fool-proof beauty routine to last the long (oft steamy) day.

For the over-40 woman you’re best approach is an elegant and polished makeup look in a soft and dewy finish.

When choosing your makeup look, we have over-40 beauty tips covered:

Don’t Overdo Do It
The most important makeup rule of the day is to avoid heavy makeup looks which are ageing in the harsh light at trackside events.

Prep is Important
Prep your skin, hair and body a few days before the races. Exfoliate face and body, apply a hair treatment and lots of water and good nutrition will ensure you’re radiant on Cup day. Don’t forget to focus on the décolletage if you’re showing off your assets.

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Polished Perfection
Elegant, polished makeup styles in a dewy finish is the #ageless approach. Also avoid elaborate hairstyles that overtake your outfit –  a chic and elegant style is best.

A primer will smooth out the complexion and even the surface making foundation easier to apply and last longer.

Estee Lauder
The Smoother – Universal Perfecting Primer, $50

Base – Foundation and Concealer
A lightweight and buildable illuminating tinted moisturiser will deliver a youthful, radiant finish. Don’t forget the sunscreen if foundation has no SPF.

Concealer is vital for evening skin tone and waking up tired eyes.

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF20, $65

Global beauty expert Bobbi Brown recommends that women over 40 look best in soft, fresh hues like berry, rose, pink and apricot, which help define features and add vibrancy.

For eyes, choose a quality matte finish and avoid too much shimmer which is ageing.

A peach/pink blush will add radiance and glow.

Avoid Too Dark or Heavy Eyeliner
Trackside daylight is harsh and unforgiving. For a softer look, instead of eyeliner apply a brown eye shadow with a angled eye brush. Blend well.


Dark colours such as brown, copper, burgundy and metallics are ageing.  Choose a moisturising cream-based lipstick in soft peach or pink hues. Applying a lip pencil all over the lips will help lipstick last all day. Important! Touch up during the day – the no lipstick look is #ageing!

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk’ lipstick, $49

Brows and Lashes
Not only do well groomed brows have the power to make a woman look years younger, they add a polished look to makeup.

Curling your lashes will give the effect of wide-awake eyes.


Finish off with a sweep of bronzing powder for a healthy #ageless glow.

Model Co Instant Tan Self-Tan Lotion, $16

Hands and Feet
Well groomed hands and feet are essential, especially with open-toe sandals. Play with bright colour to match outfit or alternately nude tones are always chic and elegant.

If you have the room in your handbag, carry a small travel spray bottle of face or hydrating mist such as rose water to revitalise your makeup during the day.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater $9.00, Mecca


Glowing and radiant skin is #ageless. On the morning of the races, apply a bronzer all over body, or for bronzing aficionados a light to medium spray tan is a race-day beauty ritual.

Soaking in a bath of Epsom salts a few days before will detoxify, revitalise and hydrate your body – and help you to de-stress.


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