Towels for the beach or pool have come a long way from the terry-towelling rectangle striped variety.

Modern day beach accoutrements include fashion-forward beach towels in luxurious fabrics and equally luxurious designer totes.  And darling if you’re not prettily perching your teeny-tiny and well-toned derrière on the latest boho-inspired round towel then you’re simply not Insta-worthy.

While you may not have the funds (or backside) to sit your bikinied-bottom on a Chanel, Gucci or Hermès, there are plenty of fashionable and affordable options that you may (or unequivocally may not) choose to share on social media.

Style Info left to right:  One Honey Boutique ‘Birds of a Feather’ round beach towel $69.95,; Country Road ‘Brighton’ oversized towel $99.95, Folly Luau Lu Lu towel $39.95,;  Sunburn ‘Friendship’ towel $49.95,; Selo & Salt Handwoven Turkish Towel sale $39.96, Zimmerman printed towel $175,;

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