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Sunscreen – check. Book – yes. Phone – of course.

Chances are you’re already planning your summer escape and this summer’s favourite straw wear-with-everything bag is perfect for a day on the sand at your favourite Aussie beach or a chic escape at an exotic international locale.


Clockwise from left: Country Road round straw bag $149; Colette Hayman ‘Cassidy’ straw beach bag $38.49 (sale); Sportsgirl wooden handle tote $55.96; Seed Heritage ‘Harriet’ straw tote $59.95; Revolve Clothing Sensi Studio straw fringed tote $91.60; Oroton ‘Scenic’ tote $349.

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Found. Chanel lookalike slides from Tony Bianco for just $149.95.

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What’s the best style news for women over 40 for Spring/Summer 2017?

The block heel has returned for another fashion season!

There was a time if you wore a thick heeled shoe you were banished to style purgatory but thank the style-heavens that block heels have returned to the street in fashionable style – and just in time for Spring Racing Carnival and summer weddings.

Practical, yet still ladylike, block heels are both stylish and comfortable and there is a heel height and style to take you from long days in the office, to busy weekends, to elegant cocktail soirees and everything else in between.

For women of all ages, shapes and sizes, my style tip is to choose a keep the style as feminine as possible, par example, a beautiful high-heeled strappy sandal, elegant pump or mid-heel ankle strap will bring a sense of femininity to any outfit.

No need to spend a fortune on block heels this summer.  Nine West have a fabulous range to suit all occasions. (Go to for more information on all featured styles).

Glitter Heels

Nine West ‘Franke’ $149.95


Versatile Must-Have

‘Pruce’ $149.95

Spring Racing

Rose gold metallic ‘Pruce’ $149.95

Suede Sandal

Narolyn $149.95


Blesington $159.95

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For some accessorising with jewellery can cause palpitations at thought of getting it right. How to bling? Too much? Too little? Right combination?

For the jewellery-challenged, I have a simple solution to take the stress out of how to wear jewellery.

Jewellery sets – or matching jewellery.

Though mixing and matching styles is still very much de rigueur, thankfully jewellery sets are no longer considered démodé.

Mixing and matching jewellery takes a great eye and a lot of skill to do it well. By choosing a set, you eliminate the worry of getting the style right AND best of all it saves you precious time when you’re racing out the door.  You don’t have to think about what goes with what – it’s already done for you.

If you love the idea of matching, here are some tips to help you find the right set:

Consider the Look

Base jewellery style on the look.  For a boho feel, choose whimsical pieces of natural or semi-precious stones paired with intricate metals.  For a more feminine and refined look wear crystal or pearls, or for a modern and edgier feel, go for bold metallic styles such as a cuff or necklace.

Do and Don’ts of Matching Metals

Don’t:  If accessorising is not your thing, a traditional approach of wearing all gold or all silver is often the best choice. But that’s not to say you have to stick to fine jewellery styles. Take a more modern approach to jewellery styles such as Samantha Wills ‘Here Comes The Sun’ combo shown below.

Do:  If you love a mixed-metal look, an easy way is to separate colours, i.e. if you choose a statement necklace in gold pair with simple silver earrings. Mixed-metal multi-strand bracelets and ring sets are also fabulous options.

Making a Statement

For those that love a bolder look, avoid over-styling.  I suggest a “two combo”, e.g.  a bracelet and earrings, a necklace and earrings, a ring and bracelet – never three of anything.

Stacking or Layering

Iris Apfel is the undisputed queen of layering and stacking but it’s not as easy as it looks. Avoid over-doing it as you don’t want to be buried in bling.  A few strands will do the trick and keep the look tonal in metals, colour and style.

Small Style

Finer styles lend themselves to full sets, small studs are perfectly matched with a delicate necklace, ring and bracelet.


You Don’t Need to Spend Big Bucks

I love costume jewellery, it’s an instant style update. There are fabulous brands and options to choose from but beware of anything that looks too cheap. Also I strongly advise avoiding poor imitations- that is definitely a fashion faux pas.

If you would like help accessorising, head to my Facebook page at, like the page and post your style question.

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Emma Watson, Marion Cottilard and Eddie Redmayne are just a few of the celebrities that have fallen for eco-friendly French brand Veja.

Part of Veja’s brand DNA is to promote renewable resources and advance the cause of sustainable fashion.  Veja has released a line of covetable sneakers made from silk woven and dyed in a 100-year-old factory located in the mountains of Petrópolis, just outside of Rio de Janeiro.

Eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean expensive either.  Veja’s silk trainers retail for approximately AUD$200.

Hopefully with celebrities bringing Veja’s commitment to organic farming, worker’s rights, traditional manufacturing practices from sustainable factories into the spotlight, the company will continue to grow the cause for sustainable fashion.

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Do you over-scarf?

“Over scarfing” has become de rigueur in the style world.  At some point in our style history, a street-styler or fashion maven deemed that a scarf, the size of a blanket, leaving only your head and bottom torso visible, was the new norm.

Au contraire.  Scarves are the perfect way to stay snug and warm during winter, not to mention a versatile fashion accessory that will elevate an outfit day or night, however haphazardly drowning yourself in layers of fabric or wool is neither flattering or stylish.

Take a timeless and flattering approach to scarf style by following a few do’s and don’t’s:


  • Opt for timeless styles and ways to wear a scarf.
  • Consider how it will add to your ensemble, rather than overpower it.
  • Opt for a tonal look.  Matching colours of the scarf with your outfit will streamline and ‘de-bulk’ your look.
  • When making your scarf the focal point of the outfit, i.e. a pattern or bright colour, keep the base one-colour.  I.e. if you’re scarf is bright red, a black ensemble will contrast beautifully.
  • Choose colours that flatter and complement skin tone, hair and eye colour.
  • Wear you’re hair in an up-do or classic ponytail
  • Copy from celebrities who have great ‘scarf style’.  Some of our fav ‘scarfers’ are –  Inès de la Fressange (in fact any French woman), Claudia Schiffer, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker.


  • Wear a scarf that is too big for your frame as it will drown you in fabric, add bulk and overwhelm your face and outfit
  • Tie or wrap it haphazardly.  Neat and simple folds and ties are far more stylish and flattering
  • Over accessorise.  Keep jewellery to minimum and let the scarf be the statement
  • Choose clashing prints and colours.  Leave that to the street-stylers.
To avoid that bulky, over-draped look, I apply the K.I.S.S. rule when styling a scarf.  Some of favourite classic styles are:
  • French knot (or twist)
  • basic drape
  • reverse drape
  • the toss
  • loop through
  • the wrap