“A woman is never too old to appear in Vogue” – Emmanuelle Alt

In my ‘Women of Style’ series on my website, I regularly feature over-40 women who I believe have great style.  Coming from all walks of life, they are business women, mums, celebrities and ‘real’ women who have a great attitude to life and to style.  They know who they are, what suits them, what doesn’t, they are comfortable and confident in their choices AND they don’t give a toss about what other people think – and I love that.   They take care of themselves, mix luxe with less and don’t regard their age as a barrier to anything from style to love to life.

My next featured Woman of Style is French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt who is the personification of ‘cool understatement’.  At 49, Alt’s style is steadfastly classic and elegant with a masculine/rock-chick edge sprinkled with a sexy laissez-faire attitude that only French women can master.

As Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue you would expect Alt to be a show-pony of the world’s most luxurious labels, but that isn’t her style modus operandi “I’m never someone who’s thinking, ‘OK, next week it’s the show, I’m going to do this crazy stuff.’  First, I think a good attitude for a woman is to be confident, and to be confident is to be natural.  I don’t want to be an image” Alt says.

Alt’s signature style consists mostly of jeans, pants, jackets, beautifully well-cut blazers and shirts and comfort plays a key factor.

Though she supports and promotes young designers in her magazine, Alt does not intend for Vogue to be a vehicle only for the young.  She is a champion of the over 40 woman and believes that a woman is never too old to appear in Vogue.  Past covers have included a 46-year-old Sophie Marceau in black knickers and sweater, 70-year-old Lauren Hutton and 50-year-old Cindy Crawford.  “It’s great to have a woman who’s 70 on the cover,” she says of Hutton. “In France we have a lot of actresses who are ageing and accept their age, which I think is a good example.”
For all of Alt’s cool style, she, like most of women, is not a fan of aging but is doing so with great attitude.  I love this quote where she says “The age I am? That is it. Who would you want to convince you’re 10 years younger? Who do you care about? The people who know you, they know your age, so deal with it!
Attitude not age.  Alt has that covered.

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