As I’m totally on the Net-a-Porter theme this week, let me introduce you to my dream office – perhaps not on as large as scale as this.

Glossy, glamourous, black and white, sleek and slick.  That’s Net-a-Porter’s 44,000 square feet, 2-level London headquarters above a Westfield mall.  Here’s just a few fashionable facts about the office that some have described as having a “James Bond feel”:

  • white lacquered furniture
  • 10 metre high ceiling-to-floor windows to let the light in
  • Corridors of glass
  • TV monitors that have a Google map illustrating where in the world we are receiving orders from, in real time
  • bespoke white and crystal chandeliers
  • round, square, rectangle white leather buttoned lounges, pods and chairs – everywhere
  • racks of designer clothes
  • extremely fashionable and well dressed people – again everywhere

Just a teeny insight into the glamourous headquarters of the world’s premier online luxury retailer.  I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather work – other than Karl Lagerfeld’s private atelier.

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