Barbra Streisand turned an incredible 75 years old this week.

When she burst on to the stage and screen in the early 1960’s in all her vocal glory one critic dubbed Streisand’s voice as ‘a natural wonder of the age’.

But it wasn’t just Streisand’s incredible voice, or later or acting, producing or directing skills that have made her one of the most successful and iconic stars of our age (to date Streisand has sold 145 million albums, won 10 Grammy Awards, five Emmys and nine Golden Globes, and counting), but her supreme sense of self and unwillingness to compromise.  She was steadfast in her beliefs and bold in her approach to work – and her personal style.

Streisand’s style has evolved over the decades from 60s mod in colourful striped suits and dramatic leopard prints, to 70s hipster to 80s curly-haired disco queen.  From the late 80s Streisand found her signature style of timeless and feminine silhouettes accessorised with a soft bob, berets, chokers – and those incredibly beautiful and perfectly manicured hands.

This week, we showcase a few of our favourite looks from Streisand’s life and movies.

Early Career
Though she preferred to lighten her hair for most of her life, Barbra’s short dark hair with high bouffant and heavy lined eyes were the perfect accoutrement to her early stage and screen career.

Sense of Drama
I love Streisand’s early sense of drama and leopard print was an early favourite.

Streisand won Best Actress for the film Funny Girl at the 1969 Academy Awards and her see-through Arnold Scaasi pant suit is now an iconic style moment in history.

Early 70s
Streisand has often remarked that she loved her long hair of the early 70s when she starred in films such as The Owl and The Pussycat and What’s Up Doc.

The Way We Were
The on, and off, screen chemistry with Robert Redford is legendary as is her style and makeup in this iconic film.

Early 80s
Streisand became a disco queen in the late 70s and early 80s and opted for soft curls and makeup.

Late 80s to Now
Following the curls of the 80’s, Barbra’s elegant bob, chokers and beret became her signature look.

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