Long hair is often seen to be only for the young.  Not so.  A modern, longer style combined with great cut and a flattering colour can look amazing on women 40 and way beyond.

Consult your hairdresser for the best colour and style to suit your face and lifestyle, however these few tips will help you choose a longer style that is #ageless not ageing:

  • A fame-framing fringe softens features and creates a youthful appearance
  • Shoulder length layers create volume and bounce
  • If you love long and straight hair, layering is key to add fullness and for the appearance of healthy, thicker hair
  • The latest wavy lob styles are modern and easy to achieve
  • A layered bob is easy to maintain and style and flattering for all face shapes
  • Optimal length for a sleek bob is shoulder length or just below
  • Keep hair away from face from cheeks to jawbone to create an open, more youthful appearance
  • Adding height to the crown is flattering
  • Subtle highlights can add warmth to your complexion
  • Hair colour that is too light can be ageing.  Many hair stylists recommend colour that as close to your natural colour as possible is more flattering finished with subtle highlights


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