Do you over-scarf?

“Over scarfing” has become de rigueur in the style world.  At some point in our style history, a street-styler or fashion maven deemed that a scarf, the size of a blanket, leaving only your head and bottom torso visible, was the new norm.

Au contraire.  Scarves are the perfect way to stay snug and warm during winter, not to mention a versatile fashion accessory that will elevate an outfit day or night, however haphazardly drowning yourself in layers of fabric or wool is neither flattering or stylish.

Take a timeless and flattering approach to scarf style by following a few do’s and don’t’s:


  • Opt for timeless styles and ways to wear a scarf.
  • Consider how it will add to your ensemble, rather than overpower it.
  • Opt for a tonal look.  Matching colours of the scarf with your outfit will streamline and ‘de-bulk’ your look.
  • When making your scarf the focal point of the outfit, i.e. a pattern or bright colour, keep the base one-colour.  I.e. if you’re scarf is bright red, a black ensemble will contrast beautifully.
  • Choose colours that flatter and complement skin tone, hair and eye colour.
  • Wear you’re hair in an up-do or classic ponytail
  • Copy from celebrities who have great ‘scarf style’.  Some of our fav ‘scarfers’ are –  Inès de la Fressange (in fact any French woman), Claudia Schiffer, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker.


  • Wear a scarf that is too big for your frame as it will drown you in fabric, add bulk and overwhelm your face and outfit
  • Tie or wrap it haphazardly.  Neat and simple folds and ties are far more stylish and flattering
  • Over accessorise.  Keep jewellery to minimum and let the scarf be the statement
  • Choose clashing prints and colours.  Leave that to the street-stylers.
To avoid that bulky, over-draped look, I apply the K.I.S.S. rule when styling a scarf.  Some of favourite classic styles are:
  • French knot (or twist)
  • basic drape
  • reverse drape
  • the toss
  • loop through
  • the wrap

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