All devotees of the fake tan, look away now (or perhaps forward this link on to your girlfriends).

You already know about the benefits of a great spray tan, but for those of you that have not yet discovered this instant confidence booster, please read on.

Did you know that a fan take can make you look slimmer, disguise blemishes and even out skin tone? Hurrah! Lumps and bumps disguised with just a few sweeps of glorious golden glow!

A spray tan is the first thing I book when I’m going on summer holidays or an important event. When when of my clients needs an instant confidence boost, I book them for an appointment with my favourite tanner pronto!

One of the most common reasons why many over-40 women don’t partake in a spray tan is that they feel embarrassed and self-conscious about standing in front of a stranger (usually a young 20-something) stripped down to their undies. They feel they are being judged. To that I very kindly reply “get over it”!

I asked my favourite tanning professional about what it was like to see so many women near-naked to which she replied “I don’t really think about it that way, I focus more on the quality of service I’m providing”.

There is also a misconception that a spray tan will leave you with a Donald-Trump-shade-of-orange. This is simply not the case. Tanning products and formulas are much more improved and provide a natural-looking golden glow. Furthermore, most tanning professionals are experts at choosing the right shade to match your skin type.

If you’re still unconvinced, here are five more benefits of a spray-tan:

1. No Sun Exposure

A spray tanning provides a lovely golden glow without putting your health in danger.

2. It’s Instant

No need to spend hours in the sun (which is a health risk) or in your bathroom to obtain a sun-kissed glow – a spray tan takes about 10 to 15 minutes. 

3. Streak-Free and Even Coverage

An experienced and reputable spray tan professional will provide a streak-free and even tan that will provide a bronzed, natural looking tan. 

4. Choose Your Shade

With off-the-shelf tanning products it can be difficult to find the right shade. You have to buy and then try and if you buy the wrong shade you can spend hours scrubbing it off. A qualified tanning expert will be familiar with their products and tailor the shade to suit you.

5. Boost Your Confidence

A spray tan is an instant confidence booster. A tan has the power to make you feel slimmer and more confident about your their body. How fabulous is that!


  1. Dear Esmeralda
    Can you recommend a good tanning place around Ashgrove Brookside area? I would like to try for a wedding next month

    • Hi Helleen

      The best tanner is Santina from Bronze Boheme at Bardon (she works from a salon at her home) though I’m not sure if she is still available. Call or text her on 0439 501 132. Her daughter is also very good.

      If not, I can also recommend Kings Beauty on McGregor Terrace Bardon.

      I’m having issues with comments on my blog. Could you please confirm that you received this reply.

      Let me know how you go Helleen.

      Kind regards

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