Until recently, a media-imposed beauty myth was that post-40, 50 and 60 and beyond, the preferred longer hairstyle for women is a straight bob falling somewhere below the chin and neck.

Firstly, let me say that I love the bob – it’s classy, classic, chic and elegant.  But now that we are #ageless (rather than ageing), it’s time to opt for a fresh and modern approach to a bob – the lob.

I love the lob on all women because the loose waves create a soft and youthful appearance and yet it’s still chic and elegant.

The beauty about the lob (and bob) is that it suits all ages and face shapes.  Ask your hairdresser for advice on styles that work best for you, but here are some general guidelines (for more on how to style your lob at home, see beauty information below):

Heart-Shaped Face
Your forehead is wider than your cheeks and chin.  A lob that is all one length will soften strong jaw lines.

 Oval Shaped Faces
You have a long and narrow face shape.  Lucky you can carry off all lengths and styles from short to long, layered and fringing.

Round Shaped Faces

Your face is evenly wide, with the widest part at your cheekbones. Shoulder-grazing or longer lobs will elongate a round face (shorter lobs will add more ‘width’ to a rounder face).

 Square Shaped Faces

A square face shape is equal in length and width and a defined jawline that creates a box shape.  Most lob styles will work for you except for a blunt cut.  Soft layers around your face will soften strong features.


Beauty Info:

For busy women on the go, try a conical curling wand (or tong) which will give soft to beachy waves in no time.  It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it you won’t be able to live without it.  There are various models on the market, personally I use the Bayliss Pro Conical Curling Tong which I purchased at Price Attack for $69.95.


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