Let’s face it, there are just some beauty trends that you simply cannot do over 40.

Yes, I stand by my style motto of #ATTITUDENOTAGE, but post-40 it’s more about flattering ageless beauty rather than un-flattering and ageing beauty!  Mon díeu!!

Out of this season’s Autumn/Winter beauty trends, there are a few you must avoid at all costs:

  • gothic lips
  • ‘no colour’ lips (quelle night!)
  • rainbow coloured eyes
  • wet hair
  • crimped hair
  • braiding – I mean the ‘tight, grunge’ kind, not the loose ‘plait’ kind

But these, and others which I’ll feature in the next few weeks, you can add to your winter beauty routine with gusto:


Pink Lips
Not just a summer shade, pink lips are one of winter’s coolest beauty looks.

Cooper Hues
Pair metallic fashion with shimmering beauty – but beware too much sparkle can be un-youthful.

Smokey Eyes
Sexy, smokey eyes are the beauty du jour for winter evenings.  Don’t be afraid, You Tube has loads of tutorials and remember – practice makes perfect.


Short or Medium Length Hair
Make a statement with the season’s jewelled and gilded hair accessories.

Long Hair
Low ponytails are chic and easy style for work or play.


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