Style Q&A: Flats and Frocks for the Races

Frocknet reader, Veronica asked how to style a frock with flat shoes for the races.  That is a hard question to answer, because generally in my opinion, flat shoes are not a preferred style for race day, also I’m not certain of the style of frock that you are wearing, however, I have may have a solution that will suit.

Firstly, a frock or ensemble with a feminine suilouette (sitting at the knee) is usually the style du jour for all race events.  Dress codes change for different race events, i.e. Derby Day is black and white, Melbourne Cup is bright and bold, Oaks Day is feminine and lady-like, Stakes Day is more relaxed.  That said, you obviously must choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and stylish and suits the occasion or race event that you are attending.

To answer the question, I would recommend the shortest heel that you feel comfortable with to enhance the feminity and suilouette of your frock, because even a short heel is better (and to be honest everything looks better with a heel even a low heel).  You’re in luck this season as lower heels are on trend and I would opt for styles such as a sling-back, wedge or pump that will retain an elegant feel which is vital for race day style.

If you can’t wear any heel at all, then I suggest you opt flat heel styles that are have a feminine feel that and are ‘light on the foot’ as opposed to a closed-in or chunky style.  Look for styles such a sling-back or sandal or a even a pretty ballet flat in metallic leather with an jewel or embellishment for added glamour.

I have chosen current shoe styles from Nine West and a floral shift dress from Portmans to show some styles that may work for you.

Hope this helps and please feel free to ask anything else 🙂

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