This is what New York City’s most expensive apartment looks like from the inside.  At 12,000 square-feet, it’s currently on the market for US$120 million – that’s nearly AUS $163 million at today’s rate.   The apartment belonged to the late John Gutfreund, a former banker and chairman of the Salomon Brothers often referred to as ‘The King of Wall Street” who passed away in March this year and now the apartment at New York’s most prestigious address 834 Park Avenue is for sale.

With former neighbours including a Rockafeller, a Murdoch (Rupert used to live there but his former wife Wendi and her children still do) the 2-level apartment is directly across from Central Park Zoo, has 12.5 foot high ceilings, library walls lined with original 17th-century leather, magnificent views to the city over Central Park and a 1,600 square-feet master suite complete with a dressing and sitting room.

Although the interior is not to my personal taste, I suppose if I HAD to I could live there.  Better hurry and break open my son’s piggy bank to put a down payment on it before a gazillionaire beats me to it.

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